At Harman & Co we understand that when running a business your priorities are often focused on the operational side of your business and the administration side can often be put off until it becomes quite a major task. By taking advantage of Harman’s bookkeeping service, we can take this problem away from you so you can get on with running your business without the nagging thought of knowing that at some point you will have to spend a lot of valuable time organising your books.

Who can benefit from our bookkeeping service?

• Clients who have a reasonable number of customers and suppliers.
• Clients who provide or receive credit facilities.
• Clients that have a fairly large number of accounts entries
• Clients whose businesses need up to date accounts in order to be managed properly.
• Clients that don’t have an internal accountant, but don’t really want to do the books themselves either!

How will our bookkeeping service benefit you and your business?

Outsourcing the maintenance of your receipts and payments and your sales, purchase and nominal ledgers provides the following key benefits:

•Your records are always up to date
•Prompt completion of financial accounts
•Makes the completion of VAT returns easier

•Compliance with self-assessment legislation
•Compliance with Companies Act 1985 requirements

Is it cost effective? Time is money, and your time is one of the most valuable commodities your business possesses. If the time you spend doing your books could be spent in a more profitable way, then outsourcing your bookkeeping could prove to be very cost effective indeed.

Harman offer this service at very competitive rates and because Harman are specialists in the provision of this service we can ensure the management of your books is a straightforward and simple process, freeing up your valuable time to get on with what is most important to you - running your business.


By outsourcing your VAT Return preparation to Harman you can rest assured that you will be using the most cost effective VAT scheme for your business to keep your VAT payments as low as possible.

We regularly review our methods of preparing your Return to ensure full advantage is taken of schemes such as Cash Acounting, Annual Accounting and the Flat Rate Scheme where this is appropriate to your circumstances.

We can also offer advice on the eligibility of input VAT claims and provide guidance on matters such as Retail schemes and EC transactions.

Using Harman’s knowledge and experience of VAT saves you both time and money and takes away the pain of preparing your own Return.